Her first album "I’m gonna love you" shows the melodic taste in his vocal quality, taking the great step with her own arrangements and sounds that place it as a great reference among jazz composers on the national scene.


Mónica Santana, singer and songwriter born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, she began vocal musical studies and guitar at the age of 11.

Through one of her teachers, she introduces herself with traditional Canarian music and participates in Tabona folk formation. She shared the stage with singers like Olga Cerpa (Mestisay) and María Pérez (Enchanting)

After years dedicated to this kind of music, she expands her repertoire by collaborating with island pop musicians participating in concerts and musicals.

It is important the mention of her participation in the recording of the album “Nana Enea” by Ricardo Montelongo, where she gives voice to the choirs.

In recent years, he decides a radical change and takes her to the world of black music, jazz, soul, blues, etc. A type of music that it was always present since her childhood. It is clearly she finds his true vocationin in jazz music.

Therefore, she decides to expand his musical training, taking singing lessons with Professor Radu C.G Milea. She also attends harmony and musical combo classes.

At the same time, she collaborates with different musicians of the local jazz scene, participating in the best national circuits.

After years for interpreting, she decides to record her first work as a composer. Under the musical manager of Miki Delgado and Miguel Ramírez, she manages to define the album entitled “I,m gonna love you”. In it she presents his own creations, in addition to two versions. They are themes that sound from the bossa, to swing, bolero to blues.

A first record that has just come to the market.

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